To Report a Student Absence

To help with smooth running of the school, it helps us to know when and why a student is absent. If you know ahead of time, please phone our office and if it is a sudden absence please contact the office on that day.

If your student is absent for any reason, please phone the school on 5248 1400.

If a student is not present during the day, the main parent/guardian contact will receive an SMS to ask if there is a reason for the absence. Please make sure that the school has your up-to-date contact details.

If for any reason a student needs to leave early during the day, a pass needs to be issued. If it is planned, please provide a note for the student to organise a pass before the commencement of the school day.

In the case of sudden or emergency reasons for collecting the student, please contact our main office so that a pass can be arranged.


Please do not call or text students directly on their mobile during class time.

Bell times are listed here: