Bike Tour

The 2016 Bike Tour will see us returning to Tasmania for the 4th time, the most recent being in 2012.  Again we will be riding down the
 East Coast of Tasmania finishing in the Historic town of Richmond, then Hobart to see the sights before flying back to Melbourne.
This Tour is a huge logistical undertaking but is likely to leave students with memories they will always remember from their
 schooling years at Newcomb. 

 Newcomb Secondary College Bike Tour is the only event of its kind run by a Victorian Government High school. It is organised and run by Newcomb staff that have a combined wealth of experience and knowledge. Newcomb Secondary College has been running Bike Tour annually for over 30 years.

 Four different tour routes are now rotated through, covering regions in Victoria and Tasmania which many students may otherwise never see: The Great Ocean Road, Wilsons Promontory, the Victorian Alps and the Tasmanian East coast.

Each tour runs for 6 or 7 days, over 350 – 450 kilometres in all sorts of weather over all sorts of terrain. It is a genuine opportunity for students to push themselves physically in a new situation. Many students kick start new habits of health and fitness or set goals based on an old ‘mark’ as they prepare for, then complete one or several Tours.

 Bike Tour allows many students a unique opportunity to experience feeling proud of achieving something very worthwhile as part of a special team.

 highlight of each tour sees students and staff work together on all aspects of the daily logistics to successfully reach the days goals, both out on the road and at each camp/accommodation site. Every year Bike Tour sees new friendships develop, often across many year levels and gives staff and students a real connection as everyone prepares for then tackles the upcoming Tour.

 Bike Tour is an event so many students rate as amongst the major highlights of their time at Newcomb Secondary College. At a time when our senior students could be launching into the start of the rest of their lives, many return to complete Bike Tour as one of their last secondary school experiences.