VET in the VCE (Vocational Education & Training)



A VET Program is a combination of VCE Studies and Vocational Training. Students who successfully complete specified VCE subjects in combination with specified VET modules are able to simultaneously gain their VCE and a specified VET (TAFE) Certificate.  An extensive range of VET certificates is available. In addition to VET studies, some pre-apprenticeship and trainee programs are available.



The advantages of completing a VET course are:Ÿ 

  •   to provide a possible pathway to future employment
  • Ÿ  to gain your VCE
  • Ÿ  to gain TAFE credits, and
  • Ÿ  to achieve a partial (or complete) traineeship

 ŸFor the majority of courses work experience is an integral component.

Under the revised VCE all VET Units now have equivalent status.



Students who are motivated to vary their VCE studies and those who have career interests in areas covered by specific certificates would have interest in these programs. Combinations of the above reasons for undertaking these studies should be considered.



Students will be able to access many VET studies. A VET Cluster arrangement with Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College, Geelong High School, Bellarine Secondary College and Catholic Regional College has been developed so that our students will have access to VET Courses within the Cluster and at Gordon Institute of TAFE.



Providers of programs and VET modules will be advertised during Term 3. Students must make an application and entrance requirements may include formal application procedures to outside agencies and aptitude testing. Interested students should consult the Careers Counsellor and the VET Co-ordinator.


The total cost of a VET Program is up to $1200.00 per year.  Applications for acceptance into a VET Program will only be processed after the provision of a signed agreement and payment of a deposit of $250 to the General Office by the end of September.   If the application for entry into a VET Program is unsuccessful the deposit will be refunded.

Successful uptake of the VET Program is subject to all accounts being paid up to date. For further information regarding VET programs please see the VET Co-ordinator.