School Productions


Every second year (the even numbered years) the school holds a college production, which involves students acting, dancing, singing and playing music. Since 2010 the productions have been written by students and staff, so the plays have been original and something that you are not likely to have seen before.

All students from all years are welcome to become involved, in such diverse areas as acting, music, choreography, dancing, make-up, costume design and construction, set design and construction, lighting, sound, front of house and lots of other bits and pieces.

Parents, family and ex-students are more than welcome to help with most of these areas as well.

The 2012 production was Clue, based on the 1985 film. It was written by three of our students, and the following is a report written by one of the students involved that tells you a little about what happened.


The 2012 school production ran on the 10th and 11th of August with a matinee show on the 9th for local primary schools. A combination murder mystery/comedy with a song and some exciting action thrown in for variety, ‘Clue’ enthralled the audiences all three performances.

Clue was written and directed by Newcomb students Emily Belyea and Bec & Bridget Longley. In addition they produced many of the sets, props and costumes. The intricate plot the girls designed kept the audience guessing until the end and it was finally revealed that murder was committed by all and the whole lot were hauled off to jail. Leaving the maids, who entertained the audience with a song written by Keziel McGregor, the real winners in the entire affair.

Emily Belyea also played the leading role of Wadsworth, the butler, along with a cast and crew of more than 20 students and teachers. All these students put in innumerable hours, rehearsing, working on sets, learning the technicalities of stage performance and lighting and supporting each other through the stressful times. In particular the students who played the lead roles have put in many months of work and began rehearsing back in March.

Well done to all students involved, thank you to the audience and all the teachers and parents who assisted in getting the production to the stage. ‘Clue’ was a great example of the kind of thing Newcomb students can do, a successful show which was great fun for all involved.