iSEEK Geelong

iSEEK Geelong

Posted 10-Jun-2015

On an icy cold June morning, SWV metro students travelled by V/Line train to Geelong to spend the day with their Geelong counterparts.


A highlight of the day was being picked up by a McHarrys bus and taken for a ride to the waterfront where students worked in pairs to explore the bus and discover a myriad of facts about buses and safe bus travel. Everything that could be counted on the bus was carefully discussed and documented. Bus driver, Garry, patiently answered questions and provided tips and information to students about safe travel.


Garry kindly dropped the group back at Westfield and hungry students enthusiastically researched the foodcourt options and, supporting each other, independently purchased lunch and drinks.


Following lunch, students worked in teams on some mobility challenges. Several teams explored inside the shopping centre, while another team braved the outdoors for a special street challenge.


Students in the street challenge discovered the difficulty of finding an address that didn’t appear on their iphone GPS! But their efforts and determination to locate a particular café were greatly rewarded, as can be seen by the photo below of Aiden between a couple of local celebrities. Can you guess who they are?


SWV Region Visiting Teachers extend a big thank you to Laura and Simon from GDV Children’s Mobility Service for the fantastic support and assistance on the day. And a special thanks also goes out to McHarry’s Buslines for generously providing a bus and driver to support the stationary bus exploration.