Quicksmart Numeracy

We are pleased to announce that Newcomb Secondary College is now a Quicksmart school. The numeracy program is currently being implemented for semester 2 2017 and expanded for 2018 and beyond.

The Quicksmart Numeracy program is theory based instructional educational intervention designed to support numeracy skills and development, and to improve student’s information retrieval times to levels that free up working memory capacity from an excessive focus on simple routine tasks.

The Quicksmart program is based on a substantial body of research related to the importance of particular skills in numeracy. In particular students who develop fluency and confidence in basic skills have more cognitive capacity to direct their efforts to higher order processes involved and being able to solve problems in mathematics.

Specifically for numeracy, becoming faster and more confident in recalling basic number facts with understanding can mean that students have more time, energy and attention available for tackling more challenging mathematical problems.

Instruction is directed to start at the level of the student and planned to meet individual students learning needs. The program provides students with opportunities to self-monitor, and to receive and generate immediate informative feedback.

Participants in the Quicksmart instruction and assessment program learn to increase their understanding of the material being covered as well as develop strategy use based on good working habits. This is achieved using a specially designed, focus practice activities that occur throughout the Quicksmart lesson.

Please contact for more information

Chris Zaharopoulos
Learning Systems and Data
Quicksmart Co-ordinator