Child Safe

Newcomb Secondary College serves a diverse student population, which contributes to the vitality of our college community.  Being a college for 12-19 year-old students, all students have entered the college from another educational setting bringing a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.

 At Newcomb Secondary College we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our school. Our commitment is drawn from our vision and values which combine to create a safe and supportive environment where every student is guided to achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life.

 The purpose of our Child Safe Policy is to demonstrate the strong commitment of Newcomb Secondary College to the care, safety and wellbeing of all students at our school. It provides an outline of the policies, procedures and strategies developed to keep students safe from harm, including all forms of abuse in our school environment, on campus, online and in other locations provided by the school.

This policy takes into account relevant legislative requirements within the state of Victoria, including the specific requirements of the Victorian Child Safe.

This policy applies to school staff, including school employees, volunteers and contractors. 

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