Student Computers


Providing a Computer for Your Students


All students attending Newcomb Secondary College are expected to provide their own computer device for use at school and at home. 

Educational studies have shown that students benefit greatly from having access to their own computer device that they can use in classes at school when needed as well as taking the device home to continue study and homework tasks. Computers are not intended to replace a pen and paper but rather be used as tool to give more opportunities to complete school work in different ways. While it is hoped that all students will eventually have their own computer we understand that this may not be possible for all families so we encourage you to contact the school if you want more information. 

We would like all students to be able to access their own computer device to ensure they are able to take advantage of the many learning opportunities open to them in today's digital world. 

To keep up with the latest technology and the best prices for our families we have negotiated a special package price for new student computers. 

Four devices are currently available for sale to Newcomb Secondary College students via our online JB Education portal. 


All JB devices will come with the eduStar software image which includes over 48 educational software titles. 

These models are being made available specially through JB education and will not be available in shops.
The packages have been set specially up for us and include options for extended Warranty, a carry bag and have extra insurance options available to suit your needs. Different payment options are also available.

How to Get Started
1.Click on the BYOD Solutions picture above or go to
Enter our school Code 
3. Follow each step, completing information as you go.
4.After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation and the device will be delivered to the school to be set up.

If you are having problems please feel free to contact Mr Stephen Bath at the school -
Contact Us

Other Options for Providing a Computer for Your Students

There are three ways for students to Bring Your Own Device –

1. Purchase a new Lenovo device through our JB Education Portal. Once fully paid for there is no more to pay and you own the device outright. All computers come with the eduStar software package of over 48 titles including Microsoft Office and virus protection. We highly recommend taking out the extra insurance to make sure accidental damage is covered.

2. Bring your own device. (BYOD) If you already have a notebook/netbook computer or tablet that is not more than three years old you can bring it in to check that it will be suitable to use at school. After discussion with our IT support staff it may be possible to network the computer to access the Internet via wireless. Some software may also be available for student use depending on the device. Note: Many notebooks purchased in stores only come with demo versions of software like virus protection and Office that may require a full purchase to be made after a limited time. 

**All School (eduStar) software supplied under options 1 and 2 must be removed by our IT Support Staff and the original operating system and software reinstated when a student leaves the school**

3. Use school supplied notebooks in classroom trolleys or desktop computers in classrooms. These computers will be limited to classroom use and will not be available to take home. School supplied computers may not be available in classrooms your student is in and may not be available if booked by another class.