Software & Apps

Software & Apps

Download the Newcomb Secondary College phone app available on iTunes or Google Apps. The app helps you keep in touch with the latest news from our school and allows you to log in to the Parent/Student Xuno Portal. Other fratures include Canteen Menu and Bell Times.  

 Try out these great titles that can be found on the eduSTAR image for Student Computers. 


AutoCollage is an advanced computer vision and image processing program which automatically creates collages of your images. Face detection, saliency filters, and other techniques are used to identify interesting parts of images. Advanced object selection and blending technologies seamlessly combine these pieces into a beautiful new AutoCollage. Pick a folder, press a button, and a few minutes later AutoCollage presents you with a unique memento to print or email to your family and friends.

AutoCollage uses Microsoft's latest image processing and computer vision technology, but may still compose AutoCollages you don't like. If you don't want to save your latest AutoCollage, selecting the Create button will create a new one!


Microsoft Mathematic

This is another item that can be found on the eduSTAR software list available when you organise your student device through the school. Microsoft Mathematic provides a complex graphics calculator on screen and allows you to work on detailed statistics, trigonometry, linear algebra or calculus problems. Solutions can be viewed in step by step mode to see how answers are calculated. The software also has a triangle calculator and a unit converter that helps you see equivalent values in units for length, mass, force and more. If you are studying maths, physics or chemistry  at senior levels this is a valuable tool to help students learn.